Making buying or selling your home as easy as having a conversation

How do you stay ahead in a brutally competitive and ever-changing landscape? Isn’t it obvious? You lead the way. That’s exactly what ReMax Platinum of Sarasota had in mind for their new voice initiative.

Using Alexa to connect home buyers & sellers with top real estate agents at Re/Max

We created a voice app for the Amazon Alexa that connects home buyers and home sellers with platinum level real estate agents, while allowing the in-house staff at Platinum Re/Max the ability to maintain and update their database of platinum real estate agents independently.

Project summary

Re/Max Platinum Realty of Saraosta offers a premium home buying and selling experience with some of the top awarded real estate agents in Sarasota, Florida.

They reached out to extend the Re/Max Platinum of Sarasota brand experience to their users through emerging touchpoints, in this instance, Alexa-enabled speakers and devices. It was important to Re/Max Platinum of Sarasota to be able to tailor a custom experience that offered the same quality assistance the brand is known for. This means their unique Alexa experience should not only be convenient and accessible but also helpful and frictionless.


The Strategy

Our approach required us to collaborate closely on the project while also thinking outside the box. Re/Max Platinum Realty wanted a premium and convenient experience for the user, requiring us to fine-tune and extend the normal capabilities of the Amazon Alexa platform. 

Goals of the voice app:

  • Recognize and document whether the user is a Home Buyer or Home Seller
  • Recognize and document if the user is a Real Estate Agent
  • Match agents with buyers/sellers and trade their contact information via SMS (text message)
  • Provide agents with the ability to submit their information to get added to the directory of possible agents. 

Proven Results

We were able to have a truly robust and flexible conversation experience that connected homeowners with platinum agents in the Sarasota area. I used Voiceflow to build out the voice user interface while connecting it to the Twilio API service.

This enabled Alexa to send text messages with client details to their agents, after gathering those details during the conversation with the homeowner.  

Text Message #1 (top): The message the homeowner or homebuyers receives after using the app.

Text Message #2 (bottom): The text message the Re/Max Platinum Realty agent receives after a homebuyer or seller uses the app. 

If a real estate agent in Sarasota isn’t already apart of the Re/Max Platinum Realty network, they have the option to submit a request for qualification.

This text message is what the stakeholders at Re/Max Platinum of Sarasota see when new agents requests to be qualified.

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