Product Designer & No Code Advocate

If you couldn’t tell by my name, I’m an advocate in the no code community. No code or low code as it’s also known as are platforms that allow users to users to build out digital products such as websites, apps, chat bots, and more without the need to know how to code and it normally provides a more visual and frictionless experience.

It also opens the door to many people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to creating their own digital product. Examples of No Code tech are Webflow, Bubble, Voiceflow, even WordPress (with Visual builders like Elementor and Divi).

Tangible Ideas

My no code product studio

Ever since I was a young teenager I’ve wanted to run my own company. So it only made sense for me to finally combine my two passions: building in no code & starting a business.

While running my company Tangible Ideas I have been able to collaborate with my business owners and solopreneurs from all over the world. Together we have built websites, chatbots, voice apps, and something tells me we’re just getting started!

CKDC Web Design Case Study

The Central Kentucky Diversity Consortium provides a platform for professional relationship building, cultural expression & education, and the opportunity to engage in candid dialogs. After several years of live events, it was time to expand this movement to the web!

Re/Max Platnium Voice App Case Study

How do you stay ahead in a brutally competitive and ever-changing landscape? Isn’t it obvious? You lead the way. That’s exactly what ReMax Platinum of Sarasota had in mind for their new voice initiative.

Triad Health AI Voice App Case Study

With the emergence of Smart Speakers and Smart Assistants, a new era of web accessibility has been ushered in. Triad Health A.I. had the vision to leverage voice-first solutions to slow the effects of Parkinson’s with exercise, in turn, helping those affected live well and stay healthy in the future.


Launched digital products

years of experience

“Dan expedited this service extremely quick and it was seamless. He asked for a couple deliverables but handled all the heavy lifting for me. I highly recommend Dan and his services if you want quality service and a seamless customer experience.”

Henry Kaminski, The Brand Doctor

“I worked with Daniel on two projects now – both involved new Voice and AI technologies. Bottom line – Daniel and his team know what they’re doing in VUI technologies and especially the Voiceflow platform. I was pleased and impressed with the outcomes of these projects which involved conceptualizing and designing new commercial voice technology projects.

What’s more, Daniel communicated well with us and he always saw to it that project details are followed up on and timelines were met. He’s an easy to work with professional that I highly recommend.

Greg Jordan, Monarch Social

“Daniel is my go-to resource when building our tools for people living with Parkinson’s on the Amazon Alexa. Thoughtful, thorough and creative, I never have to worry about whether it’s done when I hand it off to Daniel. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for anybody working on an interesting idea in this emerging space”

John Dean, MA CCC-SLP / cofounder, Triad Health AI

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