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Teaching others by sharing my knowledge and experiences was something I didn’t realize I wanted to do. That is, until I worked at Treehouse. Being able to assist students with their journey transitioning into UX Designers and watching the lightbulb go off in their head as certain principles begin to stick, was more rewarding than I could ever have imagined.  It was then I became more driven to take a hands on approach to crafting personalized content and videos to help students further.


Helping students transition into tech

In 2020 I was contacted by Treehouse in regards to becoming the Student Success Specialist for the User Experience Design Techdegree. It was here I found a true passion for online education and helping our students succeed. During my time at Treehouse I had the pleasure of helping over 150 students graduate our bootcamp program. With several going on to get jobs at places like: Niantic, Palo Alto Networks, Toast, Udacity, and more!

Video demos and tutorials

I provided students with personalized videos explaining design methods and design software such as Figma, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, FigJam, and Miro.

UX Design Tech Degree Study Guide (built with: Coda)

Taking in tons of new info can be overwhelming. That’s why I created a living document with organized resources, FAQs, a glossary for design terminology, and book recommendations.

Virtual Office Hours

In an effort to better connect with our community and bridge the gap between online and in-person learning I created online workshops for students to collaborate and learn in real time.

Alpha Sights

Consulting on VUI design platforms

With over three years of experience working with voice user interfaces – including having projects featured in the Harvard Business Review, I was contracted by AlphaSights to offer my professional expertise regarding the voice-first space and no code VUI builders to give stakeholders better context when making investment decisions. 

AlphaSights pairs investment and industry leaders with 3rd party expert knowledge from top-tier professionals. They process 100,000+ applications to hand select a few hundred colleagues per year. Learn more at AlphaSights website.

Conversation design best practices and use cases

I went over best practices for conversation design as well as some of the top case studies within the industry.

Building in a no code builder VS building a custom voice app

We discussed how far you could scale using visual development platforms to build out VUIs versus developing them from scracth.

No Code builders like Voiceflow, BotTalk, etc.

We comapred the many no code/visual builders for voice user interfaces on the web. As well as the evolution of this space over the last few years.

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Project Review Rating AVG

tech degree project reviews

Daniel is a great mentor! He has excellent soft skills in teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Daniel is compassionate and really listens to students concerns without hesitation. He is passionate about working in tech and I am glad to of learned underneath him! He helped me become a better project reviewer and student. He also taught me quite a bit about UX design. Daniel is easygoing, diplomatic and professional.

Melinda Franklin

“Daniel is an absolute rockstar. He goes above and beyond to support folx from all backgrounds – fostering belonging and empowering them to know they can succeed. His work and expertise has positively impacted thousands of students, helping them change their lives and land their dream job.

I have had the distinct honor of working with Daniel and learning from him. He is an invaluable resource and team mate. If you’re looking for someone who is compassionate, talented, and a stellar mentor – Daniel will be an incredible addition to your team.

Ryan Mouser

Dan does a great job growing Team Treehouse by teaching thousands of students how to become exceptional UX Designers. His UX Design capabilities are remarkable, especially with Voice User Interface Design. He was/is my teacher and mentor when I was a student at Treehouse.

He provides unparalleled support for his fellow students, He has a unique and effective style of teaching. He listens carefully and tries to describe topics simply. I also have experience with him as a teammate when we designed a product page for a startup company, He is very Energetic, emphatic, and collaborative person.

Darbaz Ali

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