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Content is king and community is the future. Thats why I subscribe to the Gary Vaynerchuk notion of thinking that “Everyone is a media company” so I do my best to build up my personal brand and create community around the things I’m passionate about.

content creation

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I’ve always had an interest in content creation from blogging and vlogging to the latest social media platforms like TikTok and ClubHouse. During the pandemic, I decided to upgrade my office and video production space for better Zoom meetings. But that quickly took on a life of it’s own and now it’s safe to say I have been bitten by the content bug!

Start a Business, Mind Your Own Podcast

I launched a podcast around one of my key passions, monetizing your skills to start a business. It’s been a blast interviewing so many unique creative entrepreneurs.

Live Streaming Workshops

You can catch me on youtube live streaming my work sessions, posting videos of tech and tools I use, and maybe even some gaming! Shhh!

Social Media Content

You can catch me sharing my experiences and work all over the web.

Community Building

Growing diverse and positive online communities 

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say communities are the heart of the internet. From way back during Geocities, Angelfire, and IRC client days all the way to now during the emergence of Web 3.0. Also, with marketing and advertising slowly evolving, your community is also the heart of your brand’s success.

Creating safe places online

Creating inclusive communities that encourage members to be their authentic selves. With zero toleration for hate or discrimination.

Connecting beyond the business front

Building communities allows your users to connect with the people behind your company. That’s why it’s one of the best ways to humanize your brand.

Championing our members and everything that make them unique

Encouraging and supporting all personalities, cultures, and identities. Because the beauty of community is being able to appreciate and learn from our differences.

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“Daniel displayed his skills as a talented UX designer and took over the role of our head specialist for the UX Techdegree not long after we had launched our most in-depth version update. He hit the ground running and never looked back. Quickly solidified himself as a champion and voice of our students, guiding and mentoring our UX students through their journey by utilizing an immeasurable amount of empathy, patience, and leadership.


He never eased off the gas, always finding new ways to engage and direct our students towards completion of their Techdegree. Dan forged strong relationships with industry experts to bring about exciting opportunities and discussions to our students, one of the most notable being a recurring session with Adobe!”

Rob Alessi, Manager of Student Success for Treehouse

To say this guy can do it all, would still be an understatement! Dan shows glimpses of the many areas he shines as a Mentor, Colleague, Instructor, and Manager every day. He is a diligent leader on his team, bringing many students to accomplishing their dreams of breaking into Tech through UX/UI.


He is a supportive teammate, a positive influence, and an exceptional innovator. He always finds new and exciting ways of encouraging community engagement and creative industry collaboration.

Marie Ehrman, Student Success Specialist for Treehouse

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